What’s New At Brankas - Sept 2022

We heard you! You wanted to be able to access data easily and update Settings, Callback URL or Invite Team on the Dashboard on the go. We are excited to share our refreshed Dashboard for an improved experience. Read on as we share in depth, along with other updates such as Statement’s additional coverage and SDK updates.


Improved Navigation On Dashboard For Easier Feature Access
We have categorized Brankas products into 2 categories; Payment and Data to enable you to quickly navigate through and access available data or move money faster. We have also surfaced frequently visited features such as API keys and Callback URL in the left navigation and Invite a team member on top right menu for easy access. Look out for more updates as we continue to improve the Dashboard.

3 New Data Sources For Statement
We have additional coverage available from Statement. You can access financial data from Bank Jago personal accounts, Bank BNI and Bank Mandiri corporate accounts in Indonesia and Landbank personal accounts in The Philippines. Stay up to date with latest and upcoming coverage for Statement here.

One Postman Collection For All Products
We have streamlined and collected all our products in one Postman collection enabling you to reuse requests and have access to all our products via single collection while not missing an updates. Learn how to import our collection here.


We have made bug fixes to Brankas Tap’s SDKs. We have fixed our SDKs from crashing when an unknown BankCode is passed to checkout() function and related bugs when getEnabledBanks() or getSourceBanks() functions are called as listed below. These changes are not breaking changes but fixes.

  • Direct Tap SDK for Android Version 3.5.1
    • crash when a new BankCode is added from getSourceBanks() function
  • Statement Tap SDK for Android Version 3.1.1
    • crash when a new BankCode is added from getEnabledBanks() function
  • Balance Tap SDK for Android Version 1.1.1
    • crash when a new BankCode is added from getEnabledBanks() function