Brankas Go Live Production Checklist
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Go Live Production Checklist

1. Who is this checklist for

This document is for you if you want to:

  • Go Live using Brankas products
  • Test our API on production environment
  • You have tested in Brankas Sandbox and ready to move on to the next step

Ensure you are familiar with our sandbox before going through this checklist. If you are new to Brankas, we recommend you going through our Quickstart document.

Go Live

2. How to apply for go-live production

To use our APIs live on production, you need to onboard through our go-live KYC in the Brankas dashboard.

Go Live

  • You can access our KYC through the Brankas dashboard by pressing the “Get Live Access” button. There you can choose the flow most appropriate for you and follow our simple KYC submission process.
  • You will be granted live access in a maximum of 2 working days after you have submitted all the required documents. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to

3. Update source or destination bank account

After getting live access, to begin testing in a production environment with real transactions, add real accounts of financial institutions to work as source/destination accounts. You can find this in the settings tab in the dashboard.

Go Live

  • For Disburse: Don’t forget to add the relevant source account with the appropriate API keys. If you don’t have them yet, Brankas can help you onboard with the required financial institution (not yet available for all financial institutions).
  • For Direct: Add destination account

4. Update Callback URL

After adding bank accounts, generating production API keys and changing the urls from sandbox to production, update your callback url in the settings page.

Go Live

5. Generate LIVE API Key

Once your Brankas account has been granted live access, you can access the live environment by pressing the top left button on the dashboard.

Go Live

  • Go to API Keys > Create LIVE API Key
  • Create a name for your API Key
  • Select permission
  • Continue

Permission settings:

Permission Description
Excluded Excludes access to the selected product
Read Only Enable access to GET API method of the selected product
Read/Write Enable access to GET and POST API method of the selected product

6. Change all URLs from Sandbox to Production

To begin transacting in production environment and use live data, make sure to change all URLs

Product Sandbox Live

7. Tap Customization

Optionally you can also update your Tap (the UI that customers interact with) customization in the production environment.

Note that Tap customization does not carry over from sandbox to production so you must update this for the custom interface to be reflected in live.

Go Live

8. Testing on production environment

After adding bank accounts, generating production API keys and changing the urls from sandbox to production, updating callback URL and optionally customizing Tap, you are ready for testing on production environment.

9. Go Live

Once you’re satisfied with testing on the production environment, you can immediately go live and empower your business using Brankas.

What’s Next

If you are having trouble of going live, reach out to our team for any queries and we will get back to you shortly!