What’s New At Brankas - Aug 2022

We have exciting new features lined up just for you in this release! Here's a quick overview:

  • Experience Account Opening on sandbox
  • Additional data coverage for Statement from Bank Jago
  • Verify addresses with GoPay
  • SDK updates

Read on!

New And Improved

Experience Account Opening
Experience the convenience of Account Opening. Account Opening allows your users to create a bank account digitally in hours rather than weeks without the need to visit bank branches. Test and integrate Account Opening in the sandbox environment. Learn how to get started with Account Opening.

Additional Data Coverage
We are constantly expanding our coverage to help you build personalized and customized financial solutions. We are excited to share additional data coverage from Statement. You can now access financial data from Bank Jago customers’ personal accounts for unlimited data range.

Address verification with GoPay
Access more than financial data with eWallet. Verify address based on frequent location visited by user’s GoRide or GoCar accounts.


We have made updates and fixes to Brankas Tap, an interface for end-users to link their accounts to Brankas for transactions or data sharing.

Balance Tap SDK v1.1.0 (Android)
Balance Tap Framework v1.1.0 (iOS)

  • Added: pngLogoUrl field within Bank for the logo in PNG format
  • Fixed: Tap crashes when an unlisted BankCode is passed from getEnabledBanks() function to checkout() function

Statement Tap SDK v3.1.0 (Android)
Statement Tap Framework v3.1.0 (iOS

  • Added: Support for balance retrieval for Corporate Accounts
  • Added: pngLogoUrl field within Bank for the logo in PNG format
  • Updated: Automatic bank selection when only 1 bank code is passed via bankCodes within BalanceTapRequest
  • Fixed: When Tap Web Application closes when back button is tapped or Yes is tapped on DismissalDialog
  • Fixed: Tap crashes when passing an unlisted BankCode received from getEnabledBanks()