What’s New At Brankas - July 2022

You asked for more sources of data and we heard you! We know that to build personalized and customized financial solutions requires data sources so we have been working closely with data providers in the region. We have also improved our go-live flow, to guide you through the requisite paperwork. Read on to learn more about our expanded coverage and other new features!

New And Improved

Improved Go Live Experience
Ready to go live? The new and improved documentation will guide you step-by-step letting you breeze through prerequisite paperwork and the verification processes.

Go live today!

More Data From More Sources
Our recent integration with OVO lets you access up to 12 months worth of transaction data while our integration with GoPay lets you access an unlimited data range. Expanding on our current eCommerce partnerships, you can now retrieve up to 90 days worth of data from Tokopedia’s merchants, customers and Shopee’s merchants. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our coverage.

Expanding Coverage to Mobile Banking
Access financial data beyond online banking accounts. Access mobile banking accounts from financial institutions such as BRI, Mandiri, Permata and Danamon for additional data. Data from mobile banking accounts is now available in the following Brankas products - Statement, Expense, Balance and Income.

Generate API Keys
Any user from your team can now generate API Keys to authenticate API calls in either the sandbox or the live environment using the brankas dashboard. Learn how to generate API keys. Keep your API keys secure with our suggested security best practices.