About Account Opening

Learn about Account Opening and how you can benefit from its features.

Account Opening enable users to create bank accounts digitally with multiple financial institutions with the ability to view status in real-time. Expediting account opening is the start of financial inclusion enabling access to financial services.

Merchants could enable Account Opening feature either via the Brankas Tap or build merchants' own UI by integrating with Brankas APIs. Brankas is constantly building and expanding our partnerships with financial institutions in the region.


Multiple banks with a single integration - Give customers the option to open an account at any bank. Enabling this option only requires a single integration.

Expedite the experience - Remove the hassle of providing information details for every new account opening by pulling information from existing accounts.


Intuitive User Interface

Easily integrate Account Opening with your current application with Brankas Tap. Brankas Tap is the client-side component that let your users interact in order to open a new account.


Code from scratch

Reach out to our team if you would like to builld your own UI.