A step-by-step guide on how to install Tap SDK on iOS.


Visit our Brankas Collection for iOS, to see a sample project of how to integrate the SDK.


Minimum Requirements

  1. Xcode 12 but preferably the latest version
  2. Minimum Target iOS Deployment: iOS 12
  3. Minimum Swift Tools Version: 5.3 but preferably the latest version


This set of instructions assumes that the IDE being used is Xcode

  1. The framework can be integrated to the project through the use of SPM (Swift Package Manager). To integrate, click your project > Package Dependencies, then the '+' button
  1. On the search bar, enter the URL: Wait for the repository to be loaded then click Add Package
  1. Check the desired products you wish to integrate with, e.g DirectTap, then click on Add Package
  1. Check if package has already been added as a dependency
  1. Go to Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content and check if the selected framework has been added
  1. The application can now be run without any additional dependency.


To update the framework to the latest version, go to File > Packages > Update to Latest Package Versions