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Can users leave reasons for failed transactions?
User cannot leave reasons for failed transaction. However, Direct has a comprehensive and evolving status list that enables you to track and analyze users behaviours. Learn more about transaction status.

Are users' credentials safe with Brankas Direct?
User credentials or TFA/OTP of transactions are not revealed or stored any time during the payment process.

Can a transaction be refunded or reversed?
Refunds, reversals or retraction of transactions are currently unavailable on Direct.

Is Direct available on web?
Yes, Direct is available on web and application for a seamless experience. Learn how to integrate with Direct.

Can I add multiple destination bank accounts?
Yes, Direct allows you to add multiple destination accounts. Add multiple banks on Brankas Dashboard > Settings > Direct tab.

Can I customize Direct payment pages to fit my company’s branding?
Yes, you can customize the pages to best fit your business requirements. Learn how to customize Direct flow.

Can the user choose not to store their credentials?
Users' credentials are being hashed and stored in the end user’s device’s cookie storage. Users can ignore store users' credentials message if they choose not to save their credentials.

Can we integrate with Direct’s API to host on our payment pages without Brankas Tap?
Currently, Direct’s API and SDK require Brankas Tap to process payments. Brankas Tap authenticates and transfers the logic of our bank partners.

Do end-users have to log in for every transaction?
For security reasons, end users are required to log in for every transaction. However, Direct has a feature that enables users to save their account credentials to their mobile device or browser. Users' credentials are hashed and stored on their devices.
Users can bypass the login credentials and proceed to authorizing transfers for subsequent transactions. This removes steps and expedites frequent transactions. Learn how to enable save account credential feature.

Do I need to set up agreements with the source banks to list them as payment options?
No setups are required with the source banks. You are required to save at least one destination bank account to start collecting funds from Direct enabled coverage.

Do merchants have to specify the source bank for the end customers?
Users have the option to select their preferred source bank on the bank selector page. Learn how to customize the bank selector page.

Does Brankas store the user’s bank credentials? Can you share the user’s bank account information with my system?
Due to compliance, Brankas does not store users' bank credentials and therefore, will not be able to share to your system.

Does Brankas Direct send a callback for each transaction? How to set it up?
Yes, Brankas sends a callback for every API call. Learn how to set up a callback URL.

Does Direct provide an interface to initiate checkout?
Brankas Direct provides merchants with a single API for checkout. The checkout user interface requires merchants to utilize their app UI. End users can select to checkout and trigger a checkout API call to Brankas Direct.

How do I get started on the Brankas Direct? What is the processing time required to have Direct service live?
Create an account in Brankas Dashboard (2 mins), Sandbox product discovery in Brankas Dashboard (1 hour), Development / Integration (~3 to 7 days), Go-live process (~3 to 7 days)

How do I trace and reconcile transactions?
View Direct Transaction History on the Brankas Dashboard by clicking on the Direct menu on the left. Apply filters to track transactions. We also provide End of Day (EOD) transaction reports that you can retrieve at T+1 and onwards.

How do I waive or minimize interbank transaction fees imposed by banks?
You can waive or minimize interbank fees by creating an account with every bank, enabling intrabank transfers. No or minimal fees are imposed for intrabank transfers.

How does Brankas and the bank charge transfer fees?
Banks charge end-users with interbank fees upon successful transactions. Destination banks charge interbank fees to the source banks. You can waive the interbank fees by creating an account in every bank enabling intrabank transfers. No fees are imposed for intrabank transfers. View detailed transaction fees.

How does Brankas route funds and what are the bank transfer fees? For example, when HSBC is set as the destination account.
Banks charge end users the interbank fee upon successful transactions. For detailed transaction fees on Brankas Direct, email us at [email protected].

How to complete a transaction with Brankas Direct?
Brankas Direct allows your end users to complete transactions securely and easily via API or SDK. View the user flow here.

Is there an option for end users to select the payment rails (InstaPay or PESONet)? How do customers transact above the transfer limit?
The use of interbank rails is limited by banks based on specific transfer requirements. To inquire about our transaction fees, email us at [email protected].

What are the main features and benefits of integrating with Brankas Direct?
When compared to other payment methods, Direct has the following benefits:

  • Secure
  • Instant settlement
  • Single point of integration
  • Reduced human errors
  • Lower fees
  • One cohesive flow
  • Easy reconciliation

What are the payment rails used for interbank fund transfers and how does interbank fund transfer work?
Direct utilizes PesoNet or Instapay rail for interbank fund transfer In The Philippines and Lalu Lintas Giro (LLG), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and Online for interbank fund transfer in Indonesia.

How do we integrate with Direct?
You can either integrate with API for web applications or SDK for mobile application. Learn how to integrate with Direct.

What is a Consent Page? Why does Brankas need the user’s consent?
Brankas Direct is a Payment Initiation service and we abide by the local and international financial regulations to process a transaction.

What is the customer journey after a successful transfer?
One minute after users complete the transaction, they are redirected to the client’s mobile application. Users may also opt to click “Done” to be redirected immediately.

What is the customer journey after an error/failed transaction?
When the transaction fails or encounters an error, users can retry the transaction.

When and why should we opt for a Brankas settlement partner?
For financial institutions that are currently not on the Instapay or PESONet network, Brankas Direct can facilitate to move funds to such institutions via our settlement partners.

Why do transactions fail?
There are various reasons why transactions fail such as banks undergoing maintenance, users entering wrong credentials/OTP, or high traffic rates. Reach out to our team at [email protected] for assistance.

Why is there no “Forgot Password” feature on the payment login page?
Brankas Direct facilitates the fund transfer process only. Any other bank related services such as password reset or completing account information are not available on Direct. We advise end users to perform these activities in the corresponding bank portals.

Will the end user's account balance be reflected during the payment flow
Yes, the account balance will be reflected only after users have logged in to their accounts.