About Direct

Learn about Direct and how you can benefit from its features.

Direct is a payment initiation service that enables instant Account-to-Account fund transfer. Brankas APIs connect with financial institutions to enable the movement of money from the payer’s account to merchants. Funds are moved with industry-leading standard encryption technology in place and only with the payer’s permission. Brankas is constantly building partnerships with financial institutions in the region granting you access with a single point of integration.


Direct offers benefits to merchants and users. When compared to other payment methods such as virtual accounts, e-wallets, and card transactions, Direct offers the following benefits:

  • No Merchant Discount Rate required (MDR) - Account-to-Account fund transfer does not impose any charges on merchants such as Merchant Discount Rate (MDR). MDR charges merchants a percentage of every transaction made, adding extra costs.

  • Immediate settlement time - Funds are moved immediately to the payee's account, unlike alternative payment providers that require at least 1 business day or cut-off date.

  • Customize the experience - Customize colors, fonts, logos and more to fit your branding needs for a seamless user experience.

  • Expedite experience for returning customers - Better and faster checkout experience for your returning customers with the option to save their account credentials.


Direct has customizable features that can be enabled to best fit your business needs.

Account Linking (Coming Soon)

Account linking enables one-click payment and auto-debit payments directly from a bank account.

Adjustment Fees


This feature is currently available in The Philippines and is applicable only for interbank transfers.

Reconciliation is an important accounting process that can be tedious. Missing identifiers such as transaction ids make it impossible, resorting to identification by amount, timestamp, and running balance.

To enable easy reconciliation, we have enabled an adjustment fee. Adjustment fees either add or subtract a centavo to the final amount, making the final amount the identifier. For example, PHP 100 will be PHP100.10 or PHP 108 will be 107.90.

Transactional Retries

Transactional retries enable users to restart or retry transactions within the Tap session. This ensures that error rates and transaction id creation are kept to a minimum for a better accounting practice. There are no limits to the number of retries. User can retry when incorrect logins are entered, mobile key expires, there is a concurrent login session or connection errors.

When a user retries, they are redirected to either the TFA page if it is a pre-selected flow or the bank selector page.