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How does Disburse work?
Disburse APIs aggregate disbursement transactions between your corporate account(s) and banks, enabling you to dispense to multiple beneficiary account efficiently. Speak to our team to enable Disburse to your business needs.

How do I get started on Brankas Disburse?
Learn how to get started by disbursing test funds in the sandbox environment.

What are the requirements to go live with Disburse?
To start dispensing funds on Disburse, you are required to own at least one corporate bank account with either of our banks partners. Speak to our team to assist with opening a corporate account.

How long does it take to create a corporate bank account?
Generally, the process to opening a corporate bank account takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the bank’s internal processes.

How long does it take to grant API access to my corporate bank account?
The process to gaining API access to your corporate bank account takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the bank’s internal processes.

Do I need an active corporate bank account to request for API access?
Yes and the time required to activate a corporate account depends on the bank’s internal process.

Is Brankas disburse available 24/7?
You can disburse funds anytime. However, do keep a lookout for banks’ scheduled maintenance.

Will the beneficiary receive notification upon successful disbursement?
If the beneficiary e-mail address is added to the account information, the beneficiary will receive a notification of successful disbursements sent to him/her.

Can I cancel a disbursement request?
Disbursement requests cannot be retracted or canceled. Do ensure that the details of the disbursement are accurate before transacting.

How can Brankas Disburse support my reconciliation activities?
Brankas Dashboard provides an overview of disbursements transacted. You may view statuses, details of the disbursement and filter through for easy reconciliation. You can also download the disbursements report.

What is the encryption method used and where in the system flow?
SHA and BASE64 Encoder are used for encryption. SHA algorithm hashes the users’ credentials to access the dashboard UI. BASE64 encodes the access token.