Account Setup Guide

Sign-up and Verify your Account

  1. Enter your details
  2. Verify your email address

For Direct and Disburse: Add Destination or Source

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Bank Accounts tab
  3. Select:
  • Destination for Direct
  • Source for Disburse
  1. Select Add Destination/Source Account
  2. Enter dummy bank account details
  • Bank: Brankas Bank
  • Account Type: Corporate
  • Holder Name: Your Name
  • Holder Email: Your Email
  • Account Number: Up to 17 digits e.g. 123456789
  1. Select Add Account

Generate API Key

  1. Go to API Keys
  2. Create Sandbox API Key
  3. Enter API Key Name
  4. Grant permission to each product you want to use by selecting Read/Write for that specific product
  • For example, if I want to use Account Opening and Data, I will select Read/Write for it
  1. Select Continue

Permission settings details:

ExcludedExcludes access to the selected product
Read OnlyEnable access to GET API method of the selected product
Read/WriteEnable access to GET and POST API method of the selected product

Copy and Save API Key

  1. Click on Copy Secret Key
  2. Select Done