Admin Dashboard

Easily perform Quick Actions: View and Manage Merchants and Users, List Transactions, and more.

  • Manage your Merchants - Onboard new merchant partners quickly, set up fees, grant permissions and monitor volume, set currencies, and approve requests.

  • Manage your Payment Acquirer Providers - Onboard your payment acquires users, grant permissions, set active or in-active and view timestamp on the last logged-in activity. Conduct Batch uploads by CSV.

  • Settlements - View Transaction details, see settlement resolutions, chargebacks, refunds & reconcile amounts.

  • Track Void - Manage any ‘Transaction’ - track any transactions that are ‘void’ by status, see inquiry details, order details and end-user customer details.

  • Refunds - Easily manage refunds for your merchant, monitor them by viewing & tracking them, add references and reasons, and attach files such as receipts in (a maximum limit of 100 MB per file jpeg/pdf.)

  • Fraud Guard - Search and flag any risks, with fraud scoring mechanisms to easily assure Merchants and sources

  • Payment Links Wizard - Create single Payment links for your Merchants, generate order IDs, and control your payment. link expiry, Add invoice line items, set prices and select methods to use.

  • Reporting - Easily View Merchant Reports from a date range, view status and export your merchant report by CSV.

  • Currency - Easily add a new currency to your payment gateway with a click of a button.

  • Audit - Get timestamped audit logs, for keeping things transparent, safe and secure with important information and remote IPs.

  • Manage Roles - Giving you full Control & Flexibility - Manage admin users, merchants, and partners or acquire users easily with a centralised Identity management system, granting advance permission.

  • API Stats Velocity - Configure global settings to control volume-based transactions of your API requests and Merchants.