About Merchant Link (PaaS)

Learn about Payment as a Service: Merchant Link and how you can benefit from its features.

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Merchant Link, Payments-as-a-Service Platform (PaaS), is a model that allows banks and other financial institutions to offer their customers advanced payment products and services without the need of building it internally. Brankas is a service provider, that connects Banks and financial institutions to operate their own payment services. We integrate our Merchant Link Privacy-by-design Payment technology with your bank’s core banking or digital banking system through an API gateway and offer operations such as end-to-end merchant management, transaction management and API-management.

Brankas Merchant Link—Custom-made Payment Infrastructure for your Business

The right Open Finance infrastructure for your business.

Key Merchant Link Benefits

  • Save on Transaction Cost - Save up to 50% on recurring transaction fees regardless of transaction volume.

  • Scale to any Payment Method - Merchant link is built for growth and expansion, ready to adapt to any payment method.

  • Improve Brand Consistency - Customize the checkout process with your business name, logo and colors.

  • Customized to your Business Needs - Configure processes best to fit your business needs without compromising on security compliance.

  • Expand your Reach & Customer Base - By partnering with third-party companies and allowing them to offer financial services using your banking infrastructure.

  • Generate Additional Revenue - Monetize your Banking-as-a-service APIs by offering seamless integration of banking services to the partners you choose.

  • Build New Business Relationships - By partnering up with the non-bank partners, build relationships for your business banking sector.

  • Stay Competitive & Innovative - Leveraging the latest technology and innovations, stay ahead of your competition in a rapidly evolving industry.

Brankas — ISO 27001 & PCI DSS Certified, Compliant

Top Use Case Features

  • Easily Set up any Payment Method - Set up any payment methods to best cater for your customers such as QRIS payments, BNPL & cash payments for retail.

  • Fraud Detection Service - Merchant Link is equipped with advanced fraud detection technology so your business can remain fraud-free.

  • Seamless Card Management - Manage card transactions such as reversals, refunds, currency conversion, instalments, tokenization and settlements all in one platform.

  • Manage your Merchants - Equipped with a maker-checker process, notifications and invoicing.

  • Seamless Payment Symphony - Mastering API Orchestration, built for you and your open finance initiatives.

Top Case Study

Brankas Merchant Link Case Study — Yokke