About Disburse

Learn about Disburse and how you can benefit from its features.

Disburse funds in real-time to multiple recipients. Easily disburse funds either to single or multiple recipients and track transaction progress on one platform. Funds are moved with industry-leading standard encryption technology in place. Brankas is constantly building partnerships with financial institutions in the region granting you access with a single point of integration.


Sending funds to multiple recipients can be tedious and prone to errors. With Disburse, it enables the disbursement of funds to be:

  • Improve in efficiency - Disburse funds in bulk across different financial institutions with a single file upload, cutting down on time and hassle.

  • Reduce error - Save recipients' account details on the Brankas Dashboard for future disbursements, eliminating the need to re-enter account details. Thus, reducing time and human error.

Recipients' accounts are saved on the Brankas Dashboard, removing the hassle of manually entering account details for recurring disbursements while eliminating possible errors.


Create Disbursements

Funds can either be disbursed in bulk or individually on the Brankas Dashboard. Disbursing in bulk requires you to list and upload disbursements in a CSV template provided.

Checker Maker

Disbursements require approval from users with admins or approver user rights. For every disbursement created, admins and approvers will be notified via email. Admins and approvers can view disbursement with status Awaiting approval.