About Tap

A client-side component for your users to interact with in order to link their accounts to Brankas

Brankas Tap handle credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each institution that we support. Brankas Tap works across all modern browsers

If you are embedding Brankas Tap into an Android or iOS mobile application, we have an SDK available that makes integration quick and simple. See our iOS or Android guide.


  • Seamless experience - Fully-embed Tap in any of your apps or services. This allows for a faster payment flow without any clunky redirects.
  • Customize to your branding needs - Tap is easily customizable. Transition seamlessly from your application to Tap by matching your branding requirements. Customize colors, logos, fonts, buttons and more on Brankas Dashboard. No codes required.
  • Plug-and-play - Skip the need to code and build applications from scratch. Tap offers a plug-and-play solution that lets you plug into your existing flow.
  • Fit your business needs - Customize Tap flow to best fit your businesses needs, list all financial institutions or skip the selector page, customize redirection link and more.


Tap is highly customizable, allowing you to best fits your different business needs and requirements.


Tap is highly customizable to best fit your branding needs. This enables for a seamless experience as users transition from your application to Tap. View the diagram below for customizable features on Tap.

Optimizing The Journey

We understand that every product is unique and has different requirements. Tap allows optimization to best fit your product needs.

Customizing The Bank Selector Page / Pre-Selecting a Bank

You have the option to host the bank selector on your application before transitioning to Tap. This allows users to select the bank of their choice before entering the Tap flow. Users will be welcome with the selected bank’s login page on the Tap flow.

Embed in iframe

We offer two methods of integration. You can either host Tap in a webview format or host Brankas Tap in an iframe. Integrating in an iframe enables Tap to blend into your website.


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