About Brankas Security

Brankas prioritizes security by using the highest security standards to protect customers information and privacy.

Brankas uses HTTPS connection, industry-leading standard encryption technology to ensure users' data and logins are not compromised and stored. We are ISO 270001 and PCI-DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified. These certifications ensure the highest standard connection where strict security controls are enforced ensuring your data are protected and secured at all times.


End user credentials remain secure and private.

Brankas does not store end-users credentials at any point. The information is passed directly to the banking website securely to initiate the process. End-users credentials are hashed with SHA-256 algorithm, which is non-reversible. The end-user’s account number is always hashed, exposing only the last 4 digits.

We also maintain a Privacy Policy to transparently provide you information about how your data is used - Brankas Privacy Policy.