Get Started with Direct

A step-by-step guide to help you get started with Direct.

Let's get started by running Direct in the sandbox environment. To start, you will need to sign up for an account on the Brankas Dashboard and generate an API key. We will be guiding you through in this article from how to get started in the sandbox environment followed by the transition to go live.

Set Up Your Sandbox

There are 2 environments available. In the Sandbox environment, you can transact and call data with dummy banks, amounts, currencies and prototype your integrations. There are no limits in the sandbox environment and when you are ready, transition to the live mode where you will be transacting and calling data from customers.

Brankas provides 2 modes:

SandboxA testing ground that allows you to test Brankas APIs with test banks, transactions, and currency. Sandbox endpoints contain in the base URL.
LiveAfter you have tested in sandbox mode and are ready to go live, submit your go-live requirements on the Brankas Dashboard, and our team will be reaching out to you shortly.

Account Setup Guide

To start integrating with Brankas products, sign up for an account. A verification email will be sent to your inbox.


For security reasons, Brankas requires you to update your password every 120 days. Request will be sent to your email address.

  1. Fill in your details to sign up
  2. Verify your email address

Set up your business details

Add your company information for verification purposes.


Callback URL is optional for Brankas Sandbox environment.

  1. Go to Settings > Company
  2. Add company details
  • Company name
  • Company logo (optional for Sandbox)
  • Phone number
  • Tax Identification Number (optional for Sandbox)
  • Address
  1. Save changes

Add source or destination bank account

To start transacting in a Sandbox environment, add a dummy bank account for Disburse and Direct.

  1. Go to Settings > Direct > Add Bank Account
  2. Fill in dummy bank account detail
    Account Number for Dummy Bank (Brankas Bank and Banco De Oro Unibank): 123456789
    Adding any other value for dummy bank account number will result in error.

  1. Add Account

Generate API Key

An API key is used as an identifier when an API is called or is accessing a website. API keys are required to access sandbox and live environment.

  1. Go to API Keys > Create Sandbox API Key
  2. Create a name for your API Key
  3. Grant permission to each product, in this case Direct = Read/Write
  4. Continue

Copy and Save API Key

Copy generated API key. Brankas does not save or keep generated API keys.

Postman Setup Guide

1. Import Brankas API Collection in Postman

To start integrating with Brankas products, sign up for an account. A verification email will be sent to your inbox.

  1. Click on the import button on the top left corner of the page

  2. Import Brankas Sandbox Collection 2.0 by pasting this URL to the input field:


    Our Postman collection is a permanent link and contains all products available on the sandbox.

  3. Brankas Postman Collection | Postman Collection v2.0 | Collection will be added to your Collections



If you lose your API Key, generate a new key and update.

  1. Copy API key by clicking the copy icon copy
  2. Click Back to API Key

Setting up your authorization

Next, set up your authorization


For best practices, we recommend to add your API key as Variable and use Postman Environment.

  1. Select Direct on the Collection Panel
  2. Update Authorization Type to API key
  3. Enter x-api-key in the Key field
  4. Paste your API key that you have generated from Brankas Dashboard in the Value field

4. Your first Sandbox transaction

Now you are ready for your first transaction. For demonstration purposes, let’s start with Direct – Direct allows you to move funds from one bank to another without an intermediary.

  1. Select [POST] Initiate checkout ID/TH/PH. If your country code is not listed, select any country for the purpose of this demonstration.
  2. In the Authorization tab, set Authorization type to Inherit Auth from Parent. This simply means that you will use the authentication method from the previous step.
  3. In the Body tab, replace destination account id: β€œ{{destination_account_id}}” with your Brankas Bank ID (Only replace the orange text) that can be found in Brankas Dashboard > Settings > Direct
  4. Click Send
  5. You have initiated your first transaction in Brankas Sandbox. The redirect_url will direct you to Brankas Tap, our frontend interface that allows end-users to complete the transaction. Customization of Tap is available to suit your branding needs.

Experience Brankas Tap UX flow by entering the redirect_url in your browser. You can use these user login credentials:

User CredentialsDetails
Username[email protected]
Two Factor Authentication Codeuser+7

5. Enable Transactional Retries

If you have integrated via API, update RetrieveTransaction GET /v1/transaction instead of RetrieveTransfer GET /v1/transfer.

If you have integrated via SDK to, update:

  • Android - at least v2.6.1
  • iOS - at least v2.6.0

Reach out to our support team to update the Client’s BusinessInfo record to `support_retries = true.

Go Live



Verified account on the Brankas Dashboard

Once you have tested in the sandbox environment and ready to go live, follow through with these steps:

  1. Update Callback URL
    Brankas Direct returns callbacks to your pre-registered webhook URL.
    In order for you to receive Final and Transitional statuses, you will need to set-up your callback URL for your listener to push the status to required platforms. These statuses are asynchronous to the actual funds transfer process and to ensure that the pushed status won’t be blocked it is best practice to whitelist Brankas call back URL IP: only for callback notification from this IP should be interpreted.
    POST '' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{
        "transaction_id": "f6355a01-e32b-426e-b2af-85366d305743",
        "status": 2
        "reference_id": β€œ9005376336”
    The callback to your webhook URL will include both the relevant fund transfer request’s internal transaction_id along with the status of the operation. This can be then used to query the Brankas Direct Transaction Database directly using the RetrieveTransaction endpoint to retrieve all relevant transaction details.






The unique ID assigned to the fund transfer request



Any additional identifier, such as a UUID, that corresponds to an invoice, cart, or transaction object.

Client can use this field to associate the fund transfer request to a corresponding transaction object in its transaction database.

  1. Click Go Live Requirements in the banner on your Brankas Dashboard.

  1. You will be walked through to submit required documents and details based on your business entity and country of operation. Select the tiles applicable to you:

A summary of required document and details will be listed for you before proceeding. View detailed requirements here.

  1. Our team will review your submission and reach out to shortly!


Click here for Direct API Reference Doc.

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