A reference to statuses you will encounter on the Dashboard.

Final Statuses

Final statuses are reflected after Brankas API sends out a callback.

SuccessFund transfer complete. Fund received in destination account.
ErrorThere was an error in the transaction. The error could be on Brankas, financial institutions, or user’s connection.
CanceledUser has aborted the transaction.
DeniedUser denied to transact.
FailedThe transaction has failed.

Transitional Statuses

Status Stage Description
Pending Login Error User experiencing error in logging in to their bank account.
Invoice Created An invoice has been created.
Awaiting Login TFA Waiting for users to enter login TFA.
Awaiting transfer TFA Waiting for users to enter transfer TFA.
In Progress Transaction is in progress.
Flagged Transaction flagged. Status is not final. Manual verification and settlement required.

Flagged Statuses

Flagged status represent transactions that are in between final and transitional status.

Managing Flagged Status

There are multiple reasons why transactions are flagged. Listed are some examples:

  • No response from source or destination banks.
  • There is a concurrent user session.
  • Incorrect logins were entered.
  • Issues or errors with payment rails.

We encourage you to wait for a day and monitor the progress of flagged transactions. If the transactions were completed on a Friday, include weekends to allow banks to update transaction statuses.

To update statuses on the Brankas Dashboard, look up the transaction on the Dashboard and update the status. We have also extended this feature for the transaction status tagged to Error and Expired.


Updated statuses are final and cannot be reverted.