Use Cases

Explore Disburse's use cases.


Regardless of the employment contract, easily disburse salary to all employees via bulk disbursement. Fill and upload the bulk disbursement template and disburse funds to all employees. Next, easily generate reports to share with your accounts team. Funds are moved instantly and are immediately credited to the recipient's account. Disburse is also useful for recurring payouts, cutting down on time and error.

Insurance Payouts

Insurance payouts are known to be slow due to the tedious processes. While the checks and compliance are necessary hurdles, that should not hinder insurance companies from reaching customers demands and expectations. Customers should not have to wait 5 to 7 days to receive their payouts. With Disburse, insurance companies can disburse payouts in real time, digitally with the convenience for reconciliation. Efficient payouts reduce customer churns and increase customer satisfaction.