About Brankas Tap SDK

Brankas provides SDK for Android and iOS mobile applications to help facilitate your integration.

Brankas Tap SDK is a software development kit used to launch the Tap Web Application interface for Brankas product APIs within an Android or iOS mobile application.

This kit reduces the time for mobile developers to integrate with Brankas products by streamlining the setup and code implementation.

The SDK includes the embedded WebView enabling users to log in to their digital bank account to either share their financial data or complete a transaction.

Benefits of our SDK

  • No need to set up HTTPS Connections or use any similar third-party library.
    Everything is already built within the SDK. Just call the appropriate functions and the needed data will be returned
  • No need to create a WebView or launch an external Mobile Web Browser.
    The SDK already provides an embedded WebView including built-in functions to detect successful or failed transactions
  • The SDK provides freedom and flexibility.
    The developer has the option not to use the embedded WebView and create their own
    The embedded WebView can be launched via another Activity or be embedded inside a Fragment
  • The SDK provides convenience.
    The needed API Services are called sequentially and polling of transactions is handled internally. The response object will be returned automatically after each Tap Web Application Session
  • The SDK provides greater speed.
    The SDK uses gRPC (Remote Procedure Call) mechanism to communicate with Brankas API services. Using gRPC is roughly 7 times faster than standard REST APIs when receiving data and roughly 10 times faster when sending data.