About Balance

Learn about Balance and how you can benefit from its features.

Balance retrieve account balances in real-time. Balance provides access to users’ current, start, end month, and average balances. This enables fintech and Financial Service Providers (FSPs) additional data points to users' financial health. Balance can also be used to ensure customers have sufficient funds before a purchase.


Instant statement retrieval - Your customers can now share their statement data instantly and hassle-free without the need to visit any branches.

Secured connections - Data shared are securely shared with industry-leading standard encryption technology in place and only with your customers' consent.


Static Links

Statement lets you easily create static links that enable you to retrieve financial data. No codings are required to create static links. Simply create static links on the Brankas Dashboard. You can customize each static link according to:

  • Set supported banks - Select bank(s) to enable statement sharing.
  • Link expiration - Set a duration.
  • Number of transactions - Set a limit to the number of transactions that will be pulled from this static link.
  • Click on Create Static Link on the Statement > Static Links page.

PDF Upload


This feature is enabled by default. Currently, available for all banks in Indonesia.

The PDF upload feature enables users to upload their bank statements in PDF format. User can simply upload their bank statement in the Tap flow.