About Visa Cardholder Aggregated Spend Insights

Learn about Visa Cardholder Aggregated Spend Insights and how you can benefit from its features.

Access insights into cardholder spending based on analysis of their aggregated Visa credit and debit card spend activity Insights package includes card overview, channels, spend categories and more! The Visa Cardholder Insights package will be available via API for finance organisations who have obtained cardholder consent as part of their credit application and underwriting process.


Detailed Insights - Understand more about cardholder transactional spend patterns and behaviour to enhance the credit risk assessment process.


Access relevant cardholder spend attributes such as:

  • spend volume (over 3 month and 12 months)
  • transaction frequency
  • spend categories (fuel spend, restaurant spend, food & grocery spend, telecom spend, healthcare spend) etc.