About Expense

Learn about Expense and how you can benefit from its features.

Expense turns raw data into insights with machine learning algorithm. Get an overview of your customer spending behavior across categories such as groceries, electricity bills, investments, memberships, insurance, loan repayments, subscriptions and more.


  • Interpret Data Faster - Raw data is messy and requires organization before interpretation. Expense takes the hassle out of this by labeling and organizing data for easy identification, into categories such as bill payments, donations and more.

  • Match Data To Market - Brankas Expense matches the data collected to customer segments enabling you to build personalized financial services and products.

  • Capturing Data Intelligently - We are constantly training our data scoring model with millions of user’s transactions, improving our prediction capabilities making our product just a little bit smarter and accurate every day.

Brankas Expense product works seamlessly with Brankas Income product enabling access to a comprehensive picture of your customers finances. Enabling you to easily build tools such as Personal Finance Management.


Create Static Links

Statement lets you easily create static links to allow you to retrieve financial data. Static links can be created without coding needs on the Brankas Dashboard. You can customize each static links according to:

  • Set supported banks - Select bank(s) to enable statement sharing from.
  • Link expiration - Set a duration.
  • Number of transactions - Set a limit to the number of transactions that will be pulled from this static link.
  • Click on Create Static Link on the Statement > Static Links page.

PDF Upload


This feature is enabled by default. Currently, available for all banks in Indonesia.

The PDF upload feature enables users to upload their bank statements in PDF format. User can simply upload their bank statement in the Tap flow.