Statement On Tap

Discover Statement's flow and customizations available on Brankas Tap.

This article will walk you through the Tap flow for Statement and the customization features available to best fit your business needs. Statement retrieval is made easy and simple. From the statement request link, users are brought through a flow on the Brankas Tap:

  1. Consent - User consents Brankas to retrieve bank statement.
  2. Bank selection - User select bank to share their statement from.
  3. Bank login - User logs in to the selected bank with their bank credentials.
  4. TFA or OTP requirements as per the bank’s requirement - Users are to verify and authenticate the statement retrieval based on the bank’s security and compliance requirements.
  5. Transaction status page - Users are directed to a status page with details of the statement retrieval.

This is the standard flow and is highly customizable to fit your business requirements.



You have the option to customize headers, font, button color, secondary color and enabled banks on these pages. Customization can be previewed live on the Brankas Dashboard. To customize, select Start Customization on the Brankas Dashboard.


Tap Theming

Customization made on Tap is effective on all products you have integrated with.

  1. Consent page

  2. Success page

Optimizing The Flow

Optimize the flow according to your business requirements. Customize banks listed on the bank selector page or forego the bank selection page to redirect to a specific bank login page.

List All Financial Institutions

To list all Brankas financial institutions partners, you will not require to pass any value on from bank_code parameter on its Send a statement retrieval initiation request request object. Update code to

  "country": "ID",
  "organization_display_name": "Merchant Name",
  "app_redirect_uri": "",


Skip The Bank Selection Page

To direct users to share data from a specific bank, update the Statement retrieval initiation endpoint to:

  "country": "ID",
  "organization_display_name": "Merchant Name",
  "app_redirect_uri": "",
  "bank_selected": "BCA_PERSONAL"

Refer to Bank Codes for reference.