About Income

Learn about Income and how you can benefit from its features.

Income gives you insights into your users’ financial standing by accessing up to 12 months* worth of income data. It works seamlessly with Brankas Statement. Every retrieved bank statement will be processed and identified as either income or other transactions.

Integrate with Income either via Brankas Tap or Statement’s Core API to retrieve bank statements and get income insights.

Income aggregates the financial data shared and delivers based on:

  • confidence score
  • categorization
  • persona


Confidence Score

Confidence Score grades credit transactions between 0% to 100% for the probability of being an income. 0% determines that it is unlikely an income and 100% is likely an income.


After aggregating the data with Confidence Score and Categorization, users will fit into personas or profiles. These personas are created to best fit users in the market, ready for you to customize and personalize your services and products.

Tabled below are the personas and their detailed descriptions.

Salaried ManJoe, the salary man receives a monthly salary with occasional incentives and bonuses sporadically spread throughout the year.
HustlerGiggs, the hustler receives a stable monthly salary with sporadic incentives and bonuses. He hustles for side gigs that contribute up to 30% worth of income in the last 4 months.
FreelancerFreeda, the freelancer receives her income wired to her account regularly around the same time each month. We assume that she’s either a businesswoman or a freelancer.
Cash OwnerCole, the cash owner has been depositing cash in his account frequently, contributing to 90% of his income. We assume Cole might be running a retail business.
InvestorMore than 70% of Mark’s income in the last 4 months are from investment. We assume that Mark is using this account solely for his investment activities.


All credit transactions are categorized based on description, date, amount, and the crediting patterns.

Below is a preview of categorizations available:

InvestmentIncome from investments (P2P lending, Stock Trading, Cryptocurrency Trading, Other investment platform (Forex bot, Cryptocurrency bot)
Pay CheckIncome from employer (monthly basis, recurring)
BonusIncome from employer which shaped as bonus based on performance (yearly bonus, holiday allowance[THR], sales bonus)
RentalIncome from asset being loaned (House rent, boarding house, apartment rent, car rent, device rent)
Fund TransferNon Income, transfer from other bank accounts (intrabank, interbank)