About Pay

Learn about Pay and how you can benefit from its features.

Pay allows Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) to manage their finances in a single app. Merchants can create and share e-invoices to receive payments via account-to-account fund transfer. Reconciliation of transactions is made easy with live transaction updates on a dashboard.


Pay lets merchant easily manage their finances in a single app.

  • No Merchant Discount Rate required (MDR) - Payment via pay is through account-to-account fund transfer and does not require Merchant Discount Rate(MDR). Unlike other payment options that charge a percentage of every transaction made, adding additional costs.

  • Immediate settlement time - Funds are moved immediately to the payee's account, unlike alternative payment providers that require at least 1 business day or cut-off date.

  • Manage your business anywhere - Easily manage or transition between online or a brick-and-mortar business with Pay. Pay only requires internet connection. No additional requirements for hardware or software.

  • Reduce payment hassle - Pay generates payment links and QR codes. This enables your customers to easily complete the payment without the hassle of remembering account numbers and payment amounts. Eliminating mistakes and expediting payment.