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What are the use cases for Income?
You can use Income data for Income verification, Credit Scoring, and Wealth management

Where does Income support?
Currently, Income is available in Indonesia. We are looking to expand to neighboring countries in the near future.

What data points are used to get the Income estimation?
Our income estimations are derived from Keywords in the transaction description, Transaction Amount, and Transaction pattern (date and time).

What is the user journey look like for Income retrieval?
The user journey will be the same as the statement retrieval since we are using statement data to process the income estimation.

Do I have to use statements to get Income?
Yes, income is a part of Statement. Integrate with Statement APIs to retrieve Income data in the response.

Where can we see the income estimation?
After the user finished the retrieval flow, you can see the income estimation inside the statement data separated below the account statement list.