Get Started with Income

A step-by-step guide to help you get started with Income.

Let's get started by running Income in the sandbox environment. To start, you will need to sign up for an account on the Brankas Dashboard and generate an API key. We will be guiding you through in this article from how to get started in the sandbox environment followed by the transition to go live.

Set Up Your Sandbox

There are 2 environments available. In the Sandbox environment, you can transact and call data with dummy banks, amounts, currencies and prototype your integrations. There are no limits in the sandbox environment and when you are ready, transition to the live mode where you will be transacting and calling data from customers.

We will be walking you through how to get started in the sandbox environment in this article.

Brankas provides 2 modes:

SandboxA testing ground that allows you to test Brankas APIs with test banks, transactions, and currency. Sandbox endpoints contain in the base URL.
LiveAfter you have tested in sandbox mode and are ready to go live, submit your go-live requirements on the Brankas Dashboard, and our team will be reaching out to you shortly.

Account Setup Guide

  1. Set up your Brankas Dashboard
    To start integrating with Brankas products, sign up for an account. A verification email will be sent to your inbox.
  1. Set up your business details
  1. Generate API Key
  • Go to API Keys > Create Sandbox API Key
  • Create a name for your API Key
  • Grant permission to each product, in this case Statement = Read/Write
  • Click Continue

Postman Setup Guide

  1. Import the Brankas API Collection in Postman.
  1. Set up your authorization

a. Select Statement on the Collection Panel
b. Update Authorization Type to API key
c. Enter x-api-key in the Key field
d. Paste the API key generated on the Brankas Dashboard into the Value field

  1. Generate your first sandbox static link
    a. Select [POST] Create Statement Retrieval request.
    b. In the Authorization tab, set Authorization type to Inherit Auth from Parent. The authentication method from the previous step.
    c. Update and customize Tap in the Body tab with app_redirect_uri , bank_codes, country, external_id and organization_display_name.

d. Click Send
e. statement_id and redirect_uri will be generated. Open redirect_uri in a browser.



TFA Token

[email protected]



  1. Click on Get All Statement Data to view income data shared. Click Send and view Income data shared in the response body. Income status will be listed as sub_status = INCOME_AVAILABLE

To receive webhook notifications on income statuses, set a callback URL on the Brankas Dashboard.

Going Live

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