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Can I check the transaction status?
Yes, you can view all invoices status on the Transaction History page.

Can I update the bank account number details saved in my Pay account?
Yes, you can update saved account details by going to Settings > Destination Account. Update the necessary details and click Save. You will receive an email notification of the changes updated.

How can I be sure that Brankas Pay is safe and secure?
Brankas Pay is SSL certified, ensuring encrypted connection whilst transacting online. Pay is also ISO 27001 compliant with the Data Privacy Act protecting both the merchant and customer in the transaction process."

How do I check my destination account details?
Click on your username on the Pay Dashboard and you will be directed to the Settings page.

How do I track invoices created?
You can track and view created invoices on the Transaction History page. Pay links are available for resharing.

How does Brankas Pay benefit customers?
Customers can complete their purchases with bank transfers without the need to open their bank app, visit a physical ATM or send screenshots for proof of payment.

How does Brankas Pay benefit merchants?
Brankas Pay enables you to collect payment via bank transfers that enables you to save on merchant transaction fees. It also enables you to track and reconcile payments easily.

Is Brankas Pay suitable for my business?
Brankas Pay is suitable for small to medium businesses that require invoice creation and reconciliation features. Brankas Pay is also suitable for companies with agent networks.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can invoice?
The minimum amount you can invoice is PHP100 if you’re in The Philippines and IDR10000 if you’re in Indonesia.

My customers don’t understand how Pay works. How do I explain it to them?
Brankas Pay allows customers to complete their payments via an electronic invoice. Depending on the region, customers have the option to complete their purchases with bank transfers, QR payments, e-wallets and soon, we’ll be adding the credit cards.

What are the banks available on Brankas Pay?
Brankas Pay in Philippines enables banks transfers for these listed banks: BPI, BDO, UnionBank, Metrobank

What happens when the Pay link expires?
A transaction can no longer be completed when a pay link has expired. Simply create a new Pay link.

What is the pricing plan for Brankas Pay?
Brankas charge only successful transactions. View the pricing plans here.