Get Started with Pay

A step-by-step guide to help you get started with Pay.

Pay is easy and quick to set up and requires no codes or installation. To start creating invoices and receiving payments with Pay, set up your Business Info and Destination Account. Click on the username on the top right followed by Settings.

Setting Up Pay Account

Business Info


Enter your:

  • Business name
  • Business email
  • Mobile number
  • Business logo (optional)
  • Invoice expiration - set a default duration for invoices. Expiration can also be set at the invoice level.
  • An invoice preview will be reflected according to the details filled.

A public URL will be generated. This can be used as an e-business card for your business.

Destination accounts

To start receiving payments, add a destination account. You can add up to 5 destination accounts.


Select a bank from the dropdown list and fill in:

  • Bank account number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Click save and set an account as the default destination account. Destination accounts can be selected during invoice creation.

Create Invoices

Invoice creation is made simple and fast on Pay. You can either create invoices individually, in bulk or create templates for quick creation.

Single Invoice

To create a single invoice, click Send Invoice menu > Single


Fill the invoice with details such as:

  • Price (minimum value of PHP100/ IDR10,000)
  • Customer name
  • Items or service billed for
  • Attach invoice in either JPG, PNG or PDF (optional)
  • Additional remarks that would be useful for reference
  • Select destination account if an alternative is preferred for this invoice
  • Click create invoice and share the invoice with your customers


Cut down time and create invoices in batches. Click on the Batch tab on the Create Invoice menu and Download the CSV template


Fill in:

  • Price
  • Customer name
  • Item/service details
  • Remarks
  • Destination account - Input account number that have already been set in merchant settings
  • Save the file in CSV format and upload it on the Pay dashboard. A summary of the uploaded batch. Fix errors detected.

Download batch file to view:

  • Invoice ID
  • Pay link
  • Invoice Expiration date and time


To expedite recurrence invoices, create a template. To create a template after an invoice has been created, click on Save to template.


Alternatively, click on Templates in the Create Invoice menu.


Click Create Template and fill:

  • Template name - for easy identification
  • Price
  • Customer name (optional)
  • Item/service details
  • Destination account
  • All fields are editable before creation,