All the information you need regarding errors encountered when using Brankas API.

We communicate with gRPC to generate a standard set of status codes. These codes are mapped to our status and error responses in the Statement service endpoints.

  "error": "value"
OK0Successful statement retrieval.
CANCELED1The retrieval was canceled by the customer.
UNKNOWN2Unknown error. For example, this error may be returned when a Status value received from another address space belongs to an error space that is not known in this address space. Also errors raised by APIs that do not return enough error information may be converted to this error.
INVALID_ARGUMENT3An invalid file format or file name was entered. Do note that this error is different compared to FAILED_PRECONDITION. INVALID_ARGUMENT errors.
DEADLINE_EXCEEDED4The deadline expired before the operation could complete. For operations that change the state of the system, this error may be returned even if the operation has completed successfully. For example, a successful response from a server could have been delayed too long. @Stavin Deeswe Suggesting: The request has expired and the data retrieval could not be complete. If there is an update in the system, you may encounter this error even if the retrieval has complete.
NOT_FOUND5Some requested entity (e.g., file or directory) was not found. Note to server developers: if a request is denied for an entire class of users, such as gradual feature rollout or undocumented whitelist, NOT_FOUND may be used. If a request is denied for some users within a class of users, such as user-based access control, PERMISSION_DENIED must be used. @Stavin Deeswe Suggesting: File or directory request was not found. Note to server developers: if a request is denied for an entire class of users, for example gradual feature rollout or undocumented whitelist, use NOT_FOUND.
ALREADY_EXISTS6The file or directory has already exists.
PERMISSION_DENIED7The caller does not have permission to execute the specified operation. PERMISSION_DENIED must not be used for rejections caused by exhausting some resource (use RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED instead for those errors). PERMISSION_DENIED must not be used if the caller can not be identified (use UNAUTHENTICATED instead for those errors). This error code does not imply the request is valid or the requested entity exists or satisfies other pre-conditions. Suggesting: PERMISSION_DENIED cannot be used for: Caller cannot be identified. Use UNAUTHENTICATED code instead
UNAUTHENTICATED16The request does not have valid authentication credentials for the statement retrieval.
RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED8Either per-user quota or data storage has exceeded.
FAILED_PRECONDITION9The statement retrieval was rejected due to state of system such as: Directory that is to be deleted is not empty Rmdir operation is applied to a non-directory, etc Service implementors can use the following guidelines to set these FAILED_PRECONDITION, ABORTED, and UNAVAILABLE: (a) Use UNAVAILABLE if the client can retry just the failing call. (b) Use ABORTED if the client should retry at a higher level (e.g., when a client-specified test-and-set fails, indicating the client should restart a read-modify-write sequence). (c) Use FAILED_PRECONDITION if the client should not retry until the system state has been explicitly fixed. E.g., if an “rmdir” fails because the directory is non-empty, FAILED_PRECONDITION should be returned since the client should not retry unless the files are deleted from the directory.
ABORTED10The operation was aborted due to a concurrency issue such as a sequencer check failure or transaction aborted. View the earlier rows above for to set rules for FAILED_PRECONDITION, ABORTED, and UNAVAILABLE.
OUT_OF_RANGE11The operation attempted past the valid range. E.g. seeking or reading past end-of-file. Unlike INVALID_ARGUMENT, this error indicates an issue that may be fixed if the system state updates. For example, a 32-bit file system will generate INVALID_ARGUMENT if requested to be read on an offset that is not in the range [0,2^32-1]. However, it will generate OUT_OF_RANGE if asked to read from an offset past the current file size. There is an overlap between FAILED_PRECONDITION and OUT_OF_RANGE. We recommend using OUT_OF_RANGE (the more specific error) when it applies so that callers who are iterating through a space can easily look for an OUT_OF_RANGE error to detect when they are done.
UNIMPLEMENTED12The operation is not implemented or is not supported/enabled in this service.
INTERNAL13Invariants expected by the underlying system have been broken. This error code is reserved for serious errors.
UNAVAILABLE14The service is currently unavailable. This is a transient condition, which can be corrected by retrying with a backoff. Note: It is not always safe to retry non-idempotent operations.
DATA_LOSS15Unrecoverable data loss or corruption.

Statement Codes

Statement CodeDescription
STTDXXX2001retrieving statement
STTDXXX2002initiated statement
STTDXXX2003flagged transaction
STTDXXX2004multiple tfa required
STTDXXX2005successfully canceled
STTDXXX2006successfully removed
STTDXXX2007statement request inactivated
STTDXXX4000generic user error
STTDXXX4001invalid credentials
STTDXXX4002missing credentials
STTDXXX4003invalid credentials: missing identifier for token type
STTDXXX4004invalid credentials: missing identifier or secret for client credential type
STTDXXX4005unsupported credential type
STTDXXX4006bank is not supported
STTDXXX4007unsupported bank codes for country %q: %q
STTDXXX4008unsupported bank codes: %q
STTDXXX4009%s is not available
STTDXXX4010bankcode specified isn't belong to the given country
STTDXXX4011static_link_id cannot be empty
STTDXXX4012external_id need to be given when remember_me is enabled
STTDXXX4016missing client secret
STTDXXX4017no fields to update
STTDXXX4018external_id cannot be more than 64 chars
STTDXXX4020Invalid app redirect duration
STTDXXX4021Invalid app redirect uri
STTDXXX4022missing organization display name
STTDXXX4025consent denied
STTDXXX4026inapp tfa timeout
STTDXXX4028concurrent login is not allowed
STTDXXX4032Invalid value for start_date, should follow YYYY-MM-DD
STTDXXX4033external id cannot be more than 64 chars
STTDXXX4034Invalid value for end_date, should follow YYYY-MM-DD
STTDXXX4035missing country
STTDXXX4036missing client identifier
STTDXXX4037Invalid client identifier
STTDXXX4038Invalid client secret
STTDXXX4039missing statement_id
STTDXXX4040This account has already been processed in the last %d minutes
STTDXXX4041Invalid value for start_date, it cannot be greater than end_date (it will be today if not provided)
STTDXXX4042Invalid value for start_date, it should be provided when end_date is given
STTDXXX4043Invalid value for end_date, it cannot be greater than today
STTDXXX4044provide maintanence_message to display when in maintanence mode
STTDXXX4045Invalid notification url
STTDXXX4046missing credential identifier
STTDXXX4047either bank_code, content_granted or credentials should be passed
STTDXXX4048missing credential secret
STTDXXX4049missing corporate_code, this is mandatory for corporate account
STTDXXX4050invalid static link id
STTDXXX4051credentials can only be updated after updating the bankcode
STTDXXX4052invalid statement id
STTDXXX4053missing bank code
STTDXXX4054invalid TFA or no TFA provided
STTDXXX4055missing external id
STTDXXX4056invalid link identifier
STTDXXX4057user didn't grant consent, can't proceed with the retrieval
STTDXXX4058missing pdf file
STTDXXX4059organisation doesn't support account link or remember me feature
STTDXXX4060cannot cancel a statement retrieval that was already finished
STTDXXX4064Invalid value for start_date, should follow YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS Z00:00
STTDXXX4065Invalid value for end_date, should follow YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS Z00:00
STTDXXX4066your org_id is not whitelisted yet for income info
STTDXXX4067your org_id is not whitelisted yet for expense info
STTDXXX4068reference_id_label could not be longer than 50 characters
STTDXXX4069reference_id_label could not contain special characters
STTDXXX4070missing account id
STTDXXX4071invalid account statement id