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Do users have to enter their credentials for every retrieval
With the ‘Remember me’ feature, a user can bypass the need to enter their credentials for subsequent logins

What are the data pulled by Statement?
Transaction data: Date, type, currency, amount, descriptor
Account data: Account number, Current Balance, Account type(s), currency, account holder name.

Are users' credentials safe with Brankas Statement?
User credentials or TFA/OTP of transactions are not revealed or stored at any time during the retrieval process.

Are you regulated by the Central Bank?
We have a provisional Certificate of Registration from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas(BSP) and are registered at Bank of Indonesia.

Do I need to set up agreements with the source banks to list them as Statement options?
No setups are required with the source banks.

What security measures do you have?
We enforce HTTPS connections across all applications connecting to our systems and secure all inter-service communications with mTLS. End user banking credentials are never stored in our system.

I am interested in Brankas Statement. What do I need to do next?
You can start by setting up Statement in the Sandbox environment to call dummy data and prototype your integrations. View our guide on how to Get Started With Statement.

Can we retrieve multiple bank accounts in one API call?
If the bank accounts fall under the same bank login, we will retrieve all of them.

Does Brankas Statement send a callback for each transaction? How to set it up?
Yes, Brankas sends a callback for every API call. Learn how to set up a callback URL.

Why does Brankas need the user’s consent?
Statement retrieval is a process where we gain access to their account to get their bank statement. We need the user’s consent to make sure they are acknowledged and comfortable for us accessing their data.

What is the customer journey after a successful transfer?
One minute after users complete the transaction, they are redirected to the client’s mobile application. Users may also opt to click “Done” to be redirected immediately.

What is the customer journey after an error/failed transaction?
When the transaction fails or encounters an error, users will be redirected to retry the transaction.