A reference to statuses you will encounter on the Dashboard.

StatusMessageDescriptionResponse Time
UnknownUnknown occurrenceReach out to our team at [email protected] for resolutionNA
PendingThe retrieval flow has not been triggeredThe request for data retrieval is received but it has not begunNA
FailedThe requested statement couldn’t be retrievedThe retrieval flow has failed due to several reasons such as bank unavailability5 minutes
CompletedThe requested data has been successfully retrievedBrankas has completed the retrieval flow and data is ready to be viewed1 minute from user login
ReceivedThe request process is completeBrankas has received the request to initiate a retrieval flow for a user5 seconds
CanceledThe request was canceledThe retrieval flow was canceled by the user5 seconds
InactivatedThe request was inactivated while waiting for user inputThe user did not complete the retrieval flow. An example would be when users did not receive the OTP5 minutes
PurgedThe data has been purged from Brankas systemBrankas has purged the data requested1 minute
Records AvailableIndicates at least one or more transactions available for a statementDuring a standard retrieval flow, this is the first callback expected to indicate the availability of a bank account statement only. Any additional statement information is still being processed15 seconds from user login