Account Opening

Unlock the Power of Banking with Our Account-as-a-Service Feature. Enable financial institutions, Fintech companies and other 3PL to streamline account opening via your bank.

Consent Flow

Simplify Data Sharing with Our Consent Flow Feature for Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), which enables you to provide a streamlined and secure data-sharing experience to your customers. With our user-friendly interface and intuitive design, you can ensure that your customers have complete control over their data.

Direct Payment API

Our Direct Payment API enables Banks to offer their funds transfer services directly to Fintech Partners and their end consumers, creating a secure & safe way to make instant purchases and repeat spending.

Statement API

Our Statement API lets Fintech partners obtain transaction data their users have consented to, to build products that reconcile money in and money out.

Lending API

Our Lending APIs let’s Banks distribute their lending financial products and publish interest rates to their Fintech partners to provide personalised experiences.

Virtual Account API

Our Virtual Account API, lets Banks expand their account relationships with Fintech Partners, so they can link a traditional bank account and associate with an ID (Phone number, Line etc).

Developer Portal

Fully compliant, developer’s portal with state-of-the-art security measures to run your Fintech Sandbox, go-live all in one place.

Partner Platform

Highly intuitive user experience interfaces, to onboard your partners easily, provide account authorization, and manage partner billings.

Developer-friendly API SDK

Where technical documentation, sample code, and libraries are readily available to your partners.


Turnkey developer-friendly API technical documentation, that you never have to write.

Control Center

A Dashboard to manage your partners, merchants and users.

API Analytics

Generate & View API-usage analytics, partner information and more with our monitoring platform.